It is with great pride that I write this message, both as a resident of South Cambridgeshire myself, but also as an MP for the area.

Residents will no doubt be aware that South Cambridgeshire was recently ranked as the top rural area to live in the entire country, while another study voted Cambridge as one of the top places to visit. I am delighted that these reports have confirmed what we've always known: that South Cambridgeshire is a wonderful place to live, with a great quality of life. Defending our area the quality of life of its residents has been a key objective of mine- in my capacity as an elected representative of the people- for many years and it is heartening to see this vindicated.

Despite the difficult economic climate Britain has found itself in over recent years, this has been a good year for South Cambridgeshire. Our schools are thriving - with Comberton and Swavesey Village Colleges recently being awarded 'Academy' status, and Cottenham and Sawston Village Colleges also applying for the same recognition (and hopefully more on the way). We have exceptional hospitals which care for our sick, and world-class universities who nurture our best and brightest young people. We have a wonderful collection of thriving small businesses, and a wealth of research facilities which are amongst they very best in the world - something we should be exceptionally proud of.

But most of all, I am proud of the remarkable community spirit we have here in South Cambridgeshire. This really is a great place to be a part of, and I look forward to a wonderful year ahead for our area.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find this a useful tool in learning more about the work I do in Parliament and in South Cambridgeshire. If you are a constituent, please feel free to contact me about any local problem or political issue.

09 July 2005

Extract from: 'The Future of Health and Public Service Regulation' Speech

May I begin by expressing my warm thanks to the NHS Confederation for arranging this series of speeches on the future of our public services and for inviting me to contribute? At the start of a Parliament, it is very good to take an opportunity to think about the direction and the objectives of reform and of policy, somewhat free of the partisan demands of electioneering. The NHS Confederation continues to be, under Gill’s leadership, a strong advocate of reform and of high standards of leadership and management in the NHS. I have greatly valued our discussions over the last two years and even if we cross swords occasionally, I know we have shared aims in securing the opportunity for strong leadership and quality management to deliver high standards of healthcare in our NHS.

21 May 1997

Maiden Speech in the House of Commons

Thank you very much, Mr. Deputy Speaker, for the opportunity to make my maiden speech. It is a daunting prospect, not least because I follow the exemplary and entertaining speeches of the hon. Members for Aberdeen, South (Miss Begg) and for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth (Ms McKenna).

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