Lansley calls for positive approach in South Cambridgeshire villages

Andrew Lansley has today applauded parish councils in South Cambridgeshire who have responded to his request for information about provision for youth facilities locally.

Mr Lansley said :

“I am very grateful to parish councils who have responded to my ‘mini-survey’ about what youth facilities there are in their village. The survey shows that there are some very good activities going on around the constituency, but it is certainly not the case everywhere.

“What is clear from the results of my survey is that parishes who have been taking a positive approach and have been able to sustain youth facilities, have a more positive view of young people in their village. This seems to be regardless of the size of the village. In many villages, it is a question of inclusion and involvement rather than exclusion, which makes all the difference. Involving young people, finding volunteers, definitely leads to a village with a more positive group of young people, because young people respond positively to good community facilities, so I welcome the announcement that South Cambridgeshire District Council is maintaining its capital fund for community facilities for this year.

“I am also in contact with Cambridgeshire County Council about their support for community facilities in South Cambridgeshire. Now that I have information from parish councils, I will disseminate the examples I have of good practice. At the same time, we will be working to extend the provision of youth facilities to those villages who have tried, but been unable so far to provide youth facilities.”