Andrew Lansley " It is clear we need faster broadband".

17 September 2010
I am very concerned about the connection speeds received in South Cambridgeshire and speaking to a number of my constituents, it is clear we need faster broadband. I believe that in order to provide the connection speeds that businesses and families need, we must ensure a roll out of “fibre to the cabinet” or “fibre to the premises broadband” across the constituency.

I remain in contact with BT, Cambridgeshire County Council, The Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership, EEDA and Microsoft to look at ways in which funding can be made available to improve broadband infrastructure across South Cambridgeshire. In particular we are looking at the manner in which the planned renewal of the Cambridgeshire network, currently covering schools and public facilities, can be used to increase the service received by families and businesses. To achieve full coverage we must also look at new innovative solutions to how we boost broadband connectivity, utilising new developments such as “White space” technology.

I remain committed to ensuring that South Cambridgeshire receives the broadband connection that is deserves; I will continue to work to ensure that this goal is achieved.